Zivorad Tomovski
Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences
Sts. Cyril and Methodius University
PO Box 162, 91000 Skopje
Email: tomovski@iunona.pmf.ukim.edu.mk

  • Tomovski, Z.
    On an Bojanic-Stanojevic type inequality, Volume 1, Issue 2, Article 13, 2000. [006_99]
  • Tomovski, Z., and Trencevski, K.
    On an Open Problem of Bai-Ni Guo and Feng Qi, Volume 4, Issue 2, Article 29, 2003. [101_02]
  • Tomovski, Z.
    Some Results on L1 Approximation of the r-th Derivate of Fourier Series, Volume 3, Issue 1, Article 10, 2002. [005_99]


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