Vol. 120, No. 1, 1995 · Contents

Maria Topolewska:
On the degree of convergence of Borel and Euler means for double Fourier series of functions of bounded variation in Hardy sense

Piotr Liczberski, Jerzy Polubinski:
On $(j,k)$-symmetrical functions

Zdenek Jankovsky:
Laguerresche Differentialgeometrie und Kinematik

Ferdinand Gliviak, Martin Knor:
On radially extremal digraphs

Y. Kitamura, T. Kusano, B. S. Lalli:
Existence of oscillatory and nonoscillatory solutions for a class of neutral functional differential equations

Ivan Chajda, Petr Emanovsky:
$\Sigma$-isomorphic algebraic structures

Kamil Malecek:
Geometrischer Beweis der diskreten Ungleichung von W. Wirtinger

Ivo Vrkoc:
Weak averaging of stochastic evolution equations

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