Vol. 121, No. 1, 1996 · Contents

Lajos Molnar:
Locally inner derivations of standard operator algebras

Zhu-Jia Lu:
Exact solutions of Cauchy problem for partial differential equations with double characteristics and singular coefficients

Manfred Stern:
On centrally symmetric graphs

Stefan Varga:
Estimations of covariance components in mixed linear models

Bohdan Zelinka:
Atomary tolerances on finite algebras

J. Matos, L. Sanchez:
Two solutions for a nonlinear Dirichlet problem with positive forcing

Diego Vaggione:
On Jonsson's theorem

Jan Jakubik:
Convexities of lattice ordered groups

Danut Marcu:
On colouring products of graphs

Robert Vrabel:
Asymptotic behavior of $T$-periodic solutions of singularly perturbed second-order differential equation

N. B. Limaye, Mulupuri Shanthi C. Rao:
On 2-extendability of generalized Petersen graphs

Aleksander Maliszewski:
On theorems of Pu & Pu and Grande

Jingcheng Tong:
The best diophantine approximation functions by continued fractions

Martin Kochol:
Symmetrized and continuous generalization of transversals

Frantisek Neuman:
Otakar Boruvka died

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