Vol. 121, No. 2, 1996 · Contents

Antoni Augustynowicz:
On the uniqueness of solutions of functional differential equations with nonincreasing right-hand sides

Radomir Halas:
A characterization of finite Stone pseudocomplemented ordered sets

J. Cerha:
A method for determining constants in the linear combination of exponentials

Alfonz Haviar, Pavel Klenovcan:
A metric on a system of ordered sets

Sadoon Ibrahim Othman:
Nearly equivalent operators

Danica Jakubikova-Studenovska:
Two types of retract irreducibility of connected monounary algebras

Hans Havlicek:
On the matrices of central linear mappings

Ivan Kupka:
Existence of quasicontinuous selections for the space $2^{\Bbb R}$

Vitezslav Novak:
Cyclically ordered sets as partial algebras

Ivan Chajda, Petr Emanovsky:
$\Sigma$-hamiltonian and $\Sigma$-regular algebraic structures

Vlastimil Ptak:
Generating functions and Bezoutians

Stefan Schwabik, Ivo Vrkoc:
On Kurzweil-Henstock equiintegrable sequences

Leo Bocek, Kamil Malecek:
Zbynek Nadenik sedmdesatnikem

Jiri Jarnik, Stefan Schwabik:
Jaroslav Kurzweil septuagenarian

Jan Trlifaj:
In Memoriam Professor Karel Drbohlav

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