Vol. 126, No. 2, 2001 · Contents

To the 70th anniversary of birthday of Prof. Necas

Cherif Amrouche, Sarka Necasova:
Laplace equation in the half-space with a nonhomogeneous Dirichlet boundary condition

A. Bensoussan, J. Frehse:
On Bellman systems without zero order term in the context of risk sensitive differential games

Igor Bock, Jan Lovisek:
On the minimum of the work of interaction forces between a pseudoplate and a rigid obstacle

C. A. Coclici, I. L. Sofronov, W. L. Wendland:
The far-field modelling of transonic compressible flows

D. Constales, J. Kacur:
On the solution of some inverse problems in infiltration

B. Ducomet:
Simplified models of quantum fluids in nuclear physics

C. Eck, J. Jarusek:
On the thermal aspect of dynamic contact problems

J. Fort, J. Fürst, J. Halama, K. Kozel:
Numerical simulation of 3D transonic flow through cascades

Jan Francu:
Homogenization of diffusion equation with scalar hysteresis operator

J. Fürst, K. Kozel:
Numerical solution of inviscid and viscous flows using modern schemes and quadrilateral or triangular mesh

Herbert Gajewski:
An application of eigenfunctions of $p$-Laplacians to domain separation

Konrad Gröger, Lutz Recke:
Preduals of Sobolev-Campanato spaces

Nikolay Kuznetsov, Vladimir Maz'ya:
Water-wave problem for a vertical shell

Stephan Luckhaus, Josef Malek:
On an evolutionary nonlinear fluid model in the limiting case

E. Meister, L. Meister:
Some initial boundary problems in electrodynamics for canonical domains in quaternions

Tetsuro Miyakawa, Maria Elena Schonbek:
On optimal decay rates for weak solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations in $\bb R^n$

H. Morimoto, H. Fujita:
A remark on the existence of steady Navier-Stokes flows in 2D semi-infinite channel involving the general outflow condition

Jiri Neustupa, Milan Pokorny:
Axisymmetric flow of Navier-Stokes fluid in the whole space with non-zero angular velocity component

Pavol Quittner:
A priori estimates of solutions of superlinear problems

Tomas Roubicek:
Steady-state buoyancy-driven viscous flow with measure data

V. A. Solonnikov:
Initial-boundary value problem for generalized Stokes equations

M. Silhavy:
Rank 1 convex hulls of isotropic functions in dimension 2 by 2

Hongyou Wu:
The PDE describing constant mean curvature surfaces

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