Vol. 126, No. 3, 2001 · Contents

Michal Krizek, Lawrence Somer:
A necessary and sufficient condition for the primality of Fermat numbers

Valter Seda:
A remark to the paper "On condensing discrete dynamical systems"

Aleksander Misiak, Eugeniusz Stasiak:
Equivariant maps between certain $G$-spaces with $G=O( n-1,1)$.

Jiri Rachunek:
A duality between algebras of basic logic and bounded representable $DRl$-monoids

Vitezslav Novak, Lidmila Vranova:
Dense subsets of ordered sets

Jiri Karasek:
On a modification of axioms of general relations

Hana Lichardova:
The period of a whirling pendulum

Manoj Changat, Henry Martyn Mulder:
Route systems on graphs

Stefan Schwabik:
A note on integration by parts for abstract Perron-Stieltjes integrals

Mircea Crasmareanu:
Particular trace decompositions and applications of trace decomposition to almost projective invariants

B. G. Zhang, Y. J. Sun:
Existence of nonoscillatory solutions of a class of nonlinear difference equations with a forced term

Ladislav Bican:
Pure subgroups

Jan Jakubik:
On the congruence lattice of an abelian lattice ordered group

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