Vol. 127, No. 1, 2002 · Contents

Jan Jakubik:
Sequential convergences on generalized Boolean algebras

M. Federson:
Substitution formulas for the Kurzweil and Henstock vector integrals

Miroslav Fiedler:
Remarks on Monge matrices

Bohdan Zelinka:
The 3-path-step operator on trees and unicyclic graphs

Mirko Sardella, Guido Ziliotti:
What's the price of a nonmeasurable set?

Bohdan Zelinka:
On signed edge domination numbers of trees

Gary Chartrand, David Erwin, Ping Zhang:
Radio antipodal colorings of graphs

Jan Jakubik:
Completely subdirect products of directed sets

Neil A. Watson:
Mean values and associated measures of $\delta$-subharmonic functions

Pavel Drabek, Christian G. Simader:
On general solvability properties of $p$-Lapalacian-like equations

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