Vol. 128, No. 3, 2003 · Contents

Ahmet Tekcan, Osman Bizim:
The connection between quadratic forms and the extended modular group

P. Balasubramani:
Characterizations of the $0$-distributive semilattice

Miroslav Fiedler:
Remarks on the Sherman-Morrison-Woodbury formulae

Ladislav Nebesky:
Hamiltonian colorings of graphs with long cycles

Pavel Krejci:
The Kurzweil integral with exclusion of negligible sets

Zuzana Dosla, Denisa Skrabakova:
Phases of linear difference equations and symplectic systems

X. N. Luo, Yong Zhou, C. F. Li:
Oscillation of a nonlinear difference equation with several delays

Ivan Chajda:
Generalized deductive systems in subregular varieties

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