Vol. 133, No. 2, 2008 · Contents

Belmesnaoui Aqzzouz:
Une application du lemme de Mittag-Leffler dans la categorie des quotients d'espaces de Frechet

Linus Carlsson:
Trivial generators for nontrivial fibres

E. M. Elabbasy, H. El-Metwally, E. M. Elsayed:
On the difference equation $ x_{n+1}=\dfrac {a_{0}x_{n}+a_{1}x_{n-1}+\dots +a_{k}x_{n-k}}{b_{0}x_{n}+b_{1}x_{n-1}+\dots +b_{k}x_{n-k}} $

Peter V. Danchev:
On extensions of primary almost totally projective abelian groups

M. Amouch, H. Zguitti:
A note on the $a$-Browder's and $a$-Weyl's theorems

Vladimir Samodivkin:
Domination with respect to nondegenerate and hereditary properties

E. Roja, M. K. Uma, G. Balasubramanian:
Urysohn's lemma, gluing lemma and contraction$^*$ mapping theorem for fuzzy metric spaces

Gabriella Bognar, Ondrej Dosly:
A remark on power comparison theorem for half-linear differential equations

Muhammad Anwar Chaudhry, Mohammad S. Samman:
Free actions on semiprime rings

A. A. Karatsuba, S. Porubsky, M. Rokyta, Z. Vlasek:
$\text Prof. RNDr.$ Bretislav Novak, $\text DrSc.$ (1938-2003) would be seventy

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