The International Conference on
Secondary Calculus and Cohomological Physics,
Moscow, August 24 - August 31, 1997

Gauge invariance on principal $SU(2)$-bundles

M. Castrillon Lopez, J. Munoz Masque

Departamento de Geometria y Topologia, Universidad Complutense de Madrid Ciudad Universitaria, s/n, 28040-Madrid, Spain E-mail: CSIC, Instituto de Fisica Aplicada C/ Serrano 144, 28006-Madrid, Spain E-mail:

Abstract: Given a principal $SU(2)$-bundle $\pi \colon P\to M$, the structure of differential forms on $J^1(P)$ which are invariant under the natural representation of the gauge algebra of $P$, is analyzed.

Keywords: Automorphism of a principal bundle, bundle of connections, contact forms, gauge algebra, gauge group, infinitesimal contact transformation, invariant differential forms, jet bundle

Classification (MSC91): 81R10; 58A20, 58H05, 17B65, 17B66, 22E65

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