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Please note that in the second half of 2009, MSC2010 is deployed in the production of ZMATH and will become official standard in January 2010.

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05-XX Combinatorics {For finite fields, see 11Txx} → ZMATH
05Axx Enumerative combinatorics → ZMATH
05A05 Combinatorial choice problems (subsets, representatives, permutations) → ZMATH
05A10 Factorials, binomial coefficients, combinatorial functions [See also 11B65, 33Cxx] → ZMATH
05A15 Exact enumeration problems, generating functions [See also 33Cxx, 33Dxx] → ZMATH
05A16 Asymptotic enumeration → ZMATH
05A17 Partitions of integers [See also 11P81, 11P82, 11P83] → ZMATH
05A18 Partitions of sets → ZMATH
05A19 Combinatorial identities → ZMATH
05A20 Combinatorial inequalities → ZMATH
05A30 $q$-calculus and related topics [See also 03Dxx] → ZMATH
05A40 Umbral calculus → ZMATH
05A99 None of the above, but in this section → ZMATH
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