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Please note that in the second half of 2009, MSC2010 is deployed in the production of ZMATH and will become official standard in January 2010.

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35-XX Partial differential equations → ZMATH
35Bxx Qualitative properties of solutions → ZMATH
35B05 General behavior of solutions of PDE (comparison theorems; oscillation, zeros and growth of solutions; mean value theorems) → ZMATH
35B10 Periodic solutions → ZMATH
35B15 Almost periodic solutions → ZMATH
35B20 Perturbations → ZMATH
35B25 Singular perturbations → ZMATH
35B27 Homogenization; partial differential equations in media with periodic structure [See also 74Qxx, 76M50] → ZMATH
35B30 Dependence of solutions of PDE on initial and boundary data, parameters [See also 37Cxx] → ZMATH
35B32 Bifurcation [See also 37Gxx, 37K50] → ZMATH
35B33 Critical exponents → ZMATH
35B34 Resonances → ZMATH
35B35 Stability, boundedness → ZMATH
35B37 PDE in connection with control problems [See also 49J20, 49K20, 93C20] → ZMATH
35B38 Critical points → ZMATH
35B40 Asymptotic behavior of solutions → ZMATH
35B41 Attractors → ZMATH
35B42 Inertial manifolds → ZMATH
35B45 A priori estimates → ZMATH
35B50 Maximum principles → ZMATH
35B60 Continuation and prolongation of solutions of PDE [See also 58A15, 58A17, 58Hxx] → ZMATH
35B65 Smoothness and regularity of solutions of PDE → ZMATH
35B99 None of the above, but in this section → ZMATH
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