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Please note that in the second half of 2009, MSC2010 is deployed in the production of ZMATH and will become official standard in January 2010.

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54-XX General topology {For the topology of manifolds of all dimensions, see 57Nxx} → ZMATH
54Hxx Connections with other structures, applications → ZMATH
54H05 Descriptive set theory (topological aspects of Borel, analytic, projective, etc. sets) [See also 03E15, 26A21, 28A05] → ZMATH
54H10 Topological representations of algebraic systems [See also 22-XX] → ZMATH
54H11 Topological groups [See also 22A05] → ZMATH
54H12 Topological lattices, etc. [See also 06B30, 06F30] → ZMATH
54H13 Topological fields, rings, etc. [See also 12Jxx] {For algebraic aspects, see 13Jxx, 16W80} → ZMATH
54H15 Transformation groups and semigroups [See also 20M20, 22-XX, 57Sxx] → ZMATH
54H20 Topological dynamics [See also 28Dxx, 37Bxx] → ZMATH
54H25 Fixed-point and coincidence theorems [See also 47H10, 55M20] → ZMATH
54H99 None of the above, but in this section → ZMATH
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