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Zentralblatt MATH has released its new interface!
For an improved author identification, see the new author database of ZBMATH.

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Brief help on search ZBMATH database

General search syntax

[field]:[search string]

  • Without specifying a search field, basic index (bi) search is applied.
  • If the search string contains several words, the search is ANDed.
  • Phrases must be enclosed by double quotes.
  • The search string may contain the binary operators & (and) and | (or).

Search fields

Field Long form Description
bi basic Basic index include abstracts and reviews, keywords, authors, titles, and citations.
au author Index of authors, editors, and author references.
ti title Index of original and translated title.
so source Index of source data as journal or serial title, volume and issue numbers, pagination, publisher, and publication year.
cc msc Index of Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC 2000).
ut keyword Index of uncontrolled terms and keywords.
py year Index of publication year.
la language Index of ISO 639-1 alpha-2 language code.
dt doctype Index of document types. (j, b, a)
j → journal article; b → book; a → book article
an zblno Index of Zentralblatt MATH identifier and document (DE) number.
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Lie groups, physics and geometry. An introduction for physicists, engineers and chemists.

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