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100 Years of Hardy's “A Course of Pure Mathematics”


“Fifty one years ago I bought my copy of this book and it has been in use ever since... My book is the 1944 ninth edition, a copy of the 1938 seventh edition that was the first revision and resetting of the original 1908 work.”

Peter S. Bullen looks back to many decades of mathematics in his Zentralblatt review of the Centenary edition of Hardy's book. It happens rarely that a mathematical textbook remains almost unchanged in use for such a period, which clearly indicates the foresight of Hardy's concepts.

The first edition was reviewed in the Jahrbuch by Emil Lampe, who frankly admits “I would not have been able to write such a book according to the author's guidelines.” A century later, his fellow reviewer adds:
“The longevity and the unchanging nature of the book speak to the excellence of Hardy's concept and being asked to review it is rather like asking an Anglican to review the King James Bible.”

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