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The Zentralblatt MATH database is a unique source for mathematics research publications from 1826 to the present and is conveniently available via WWW directly at the user's desk from one of the international mirrors or through national servers.


  • Access to more than 3 million entries
  • Current contents of new Publications
  • Onscreen output and print in pdf, xml, ascii, dvi, postscript, BibTex
  • Hypertext links to authors, reviewers, citations, classification, citation search
  • Hypertext access to the Mathematics Subject Classification scheme (MSC) with combined navigation and search functions
  • Easy searching over the full period from 1826 to present
  • Links to EMIS (European Mathematical Information System)
  • Links to electronic document delivery services
  • over 1,500.000 links to electronically available full texts
  • new author identification
  • new user interfaces
  • new journal database

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Abel prize 2010
I. M. Gelfand 1913-2009

Scientific prize winners of the ICM 2010
Lie groups, physics and geometry. An introduction for physicists, engineers and chemists.

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