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Germany celebrates the »Year of Mathematics« (Jahr der Mathematik)

Year of Mathematics (Jahr der Mathematik)


The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research has declared 2008 as the Year of Mathematics. A lot of events and activities are planned to focus the interest of the general public to mathematics and its applications, for more information see Scientific Year 2008: Year of Mathematics (in German).

FIZ Karlsruhe, Zentralblatt MATH contributes a report entitled »Mathematik im Blickpunkt: Wissensmanagement in der Mathematik - 140 Jahre Information zur Literatur weltweit« (»Focus on mathematics: Knowledge management in mathematics - 140 years of information on the worldwide literature«).

It gives an overview about the history, the state of the art and the perspective of information management in mathematics.

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Abel prize 2010
I. M. Gelfand 1913-2009

Scientific prize winners of the ICM 2010
Lie groups, physics and geometry. An introduction for physicists, engineers and chemists.

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