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Chinese Editorial Unit

In the course of transforming the editorial activities of Zentralblatt to an international enterprise we installed a Chinese editorial unit in the middle of 2007. This extended the list of already existing partners in Belgrade, Bratislava, Bucharest, Debrecen, Lecce, Novosibirsk, Prague and Sofia. All these partners contribute to a distributed input system for a database in mathematics, which provides full search facilities and should be available world-wide as the most comprehensive source for information on mathematical literature. The Chinese partner for this network is located at the Library of the Chinese Academy of Science (LCAS) as well as National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences and will care about the majority of the journals published in China.

Reviewers will also receive material for reviewing from this new cooperation site. In particular reviewers with reading capability in Chinese will be contacted by LCAS more frequently than by the Berlin office, because the Chinese literature will be handled by them. This is managed in a way that the overall reviewing load will not be more than previously in the average, and reviewers will also further be occupied with papers in other languages unless they want to handle Chinese papers exclusively. All the reviewers privileges will be preserved, the small royalties per review included.

On the institutional part the new unit is guided by the Editorial Board of Chinese Mathematics Abstracts, National Science Library, Academia Sinica, with Professor Feng Yuming as co-editor-in-chief.

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